Doing Business in Sudbury

Sudbury offers one of the most attractive working environments in the UK. Business accommodation is cheap. The East Anglian towns and cities of Cambridge, Norwich, Colchester and Chelmsford are all within easy reach. Sudbury's inhabitants consider London to be the optimum distance - around 80 minutes by train. This is close enough to visit but far enough to discourage commuters. It is set in the beautiful Stour Valley, and surrounded by attractive villages. Property prices are modest, there are good schools and leisure facilities. Crime is amongst the lowest in the UK.

Retail in Sudbury performs very well. In fact it is one of the best performing small market towns in the UK.

Business services are far beyond what one would expect in a small market town. There are numerous advisers, design companies and suppliers. There is a mixture of commercial properties with numbers of trading estates. The Chamber of Commerce is active and powerful. One of Sudbury's strengths is in the relationships between the Chamber and local councils, service providers and education.