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Sudbury Logo
 John McMillan McMillan Technology Ltd  01787 371099
 Vice Chairman  
 Simon Barrett Barrett-Lee  01787 370774
 Michael Heyland    01787 227722
 Alan Scott AW Scott Accountancy Ltd  01787 375780
 Executive Committee  
 The above officers, plus:    
 Graham Wing  Agwebdata  01787 371331
 Richard Blatch  Winch & Blatch  01787 373737
 Darren Theobald  Delphi  01787 881139
 Ken Browne  Select Biosciences  01787 319234
 Robin Bailey  What-If Design Solutions Ltd  01787 376752
Management Committee
 Chris Storey S B Surveyors  
 John McMillan  McMillan Technology  
 Simon Barrett  Barrett-Lee  
 Michael Heyland    
 Graham Wing  Agwebdata  
 Patricia Blair  Waitrose  01787 311068
 Andy Howes  Andy Howes Photography  01787 829302
 Judith Blatch  Winch & Blatch  01787 373737

Sudbury and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1 Bank Buildings, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2SP  Tel 01787 227722
E-mail mheyland@sudbury.org.uk

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