Help given to Businesses

The Chamber works hard to protect and promote business in Sudbury. Here are some of the things we have done in recent years.

Lobbying to support free parking to assist retailers

Lobbying with councils to remove traffic holdups

Sponsoring monthly coffee mornings for networking

Lobbying for new hotel in Sudbury

Lobbying for members' planning applications

Lobbying on behalf of the Hamilton Road commercial development

Monitoring planning applications, making sure business needs are considered

Lobbying for improvements to infrastructure with regard to growth of the town, the need for the Western Bypass

Promoting Sudbury in Bloom

Approaching contact with Essex Councils for joint lobbying on bypass

Promoting 10 monthly networking meetings lunches with business speakers every year

Hosting & organising Hustings prior to general elections

Liaising with local Industries

Liaising with local schools over potential careers and apprentices for students

Liaisng with startup businesses and providing mentoring if required

Linking to the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

Providing a website to promote commerce, the aims of the members and Sudbury as a town

Promoting increased broadband speeds

Lobbying against residential development at Hamilton Road

Initiating major improvements to North Street and lobbying hard to drive the improvements

Working closely with Suffolk Highways to control disruptiopn when Ballingdon Bridge was replaced

Creating the post of town promotion manager