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Sudbury Market HillSudbury is centered around the Market Hill and North Street, with the town hall close to their meeting place, and opposite St Peter's church. At the side of the church is the (real) drinking trough where the 101 dalmations took a drink when they crossed into Suffolk. In front of St Peter's church is the statue of Thomas Gainsborough which overlooks the market place.

The Market Hill contains many fine buildings, now mostly converted into shops. At the far end is the old Corn Exchange, now converted to the library, while the opposite fork in the road leads to Gainsborough's House, the home of the artist, now an exhibition of Gainsborough's life and work together with work from other painters.

Beyond the library is Friars Street, with many old buildings. 400 metres along Friars Street is Quay Lane, which leads to the Quay Theatre and the Granary.

The centre of Sudbury contains many interesting alleys and streets. To the North of the town hall is North Street. This is another attractive street which is fast becoming the main shopping area of the town. It has been used as the location for the TV Lovejoy series. North Street contains a wide selection of shops, both national and independent.

Heading from the town centre towards Colchester, one crosses the one way street and comes to Belle Vue park. This is perfect for just sitting - it has beautiful lawns and floral displays, as well as aviaries and other collections of animals. For the more active, there are public tennis courts and a skate boarding area.

Next to the station and the long stay car parks is the Kingfisher Leisure Centre. This has a swimming pool with a beach area, flume and wave machine. It also has many other fitness areas.

There is more information on the Sudbury Town Council web site.

Latest News: Chilton Woods development

Sam Thornton of Thorntons has produced two documents: a summary of the official documents and an interpretation of the planning application
These notes have been prepared to deal with the major points arising out of the 151 documents supporting the outline planning application, but there is a huge amount of further information on archaeology, wildlife, sustainable drainage, etc.

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